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4.5m/Roll Foam Sponge lash Patch Tape Lint Free Eye Pads Under Patches Eyelash Extension Supply Eyelash Extension Tape

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Q:What material is it? What is the difference with ordinary eyelash extension tape?

A:Friend, This is our newest material,Foam sponge,thicker than ordinary eyelash extension tape. It is recommended to stick it on the arm before use, and then stick it under the eyes. Because the skin of the eyes is delicate.

Q:What is its length? Is it thick enough?

A: Friend, it is 4.5 and 5 meters, You can cut at will according to the shape of the customer’s eyes.the thickness is 1 mm,Can be used directly for eyelash extension.

Q: Is the current price the lowest price? Can I have a wholesale price?

A:Friend, as long as $1.93 you can buy 4.5m, equal to 450cm, use only two eyes at one time, only 10cm, you can use 45 times. $2.86 you can buy 5m, equal to 500cm, use only two eyes at one time, only 5cm, you can use 100 times.This is so crazy!

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